I reached out to Mr.s Affaki in October 2022 after seeing my daughter discouraged and uncertain of her choice in the health Science program during her first semester in Cegep. Our goal was to help my daughter find the right program in which Mrs Affaki was able to accomplish for her. After only two sessions of counselling with Mrs. Affaki my daughter gained her confidence and was excited to continue her academics in health however in the right program for her which is the nursing program. She has completed her first semester and is extremely motivated and fulfilled with this choice and is looking forward to the future in being a nurse. I would highly recommend Mrs. Affaki to anyone who feels lost and discouraged in their choice of program. At 17 years old still in high school it is hard for a young adult to know exactly what they want to become in their lives. I will definitely reach out to Mrs Affaki for assistance when it’s time for my other children to choose their programs . Sincerely Michelle Johnson